Company History

At Chewton Rose we understand that each home in this splendid country of ours has its own distinct appeal.

Our aim is to use lifestyle marketing to reflect its very individual quality, style and heritage, and to reveal it to prospective buyers in such a way that they too will realise exactly what it has to offer.  

Branding is vital when it comes to choosing an estate agent that is right for each unique home. Through Chewton Rose, we offer homeowners a new, strong estate agency brand that captures the very essence of each magnificent British home and that promotes its truly individual attributes in a fresh, engaging manner. To do this, we decided to draw inspiration from the Colchester area, and in particular William Frederick Waldegrave. Also known as Viscount Chewton.

William Waldegrave’s family was bestowed an estate in Borley, north of Colchester, by George I for its services to the crown.

Just like the rose in Chewton Rose, William’s life proved to be patriotic and inspiring yet dependable and understated. A quintessential British gentleman of the Victorian era, he traveled the world for Queen and country during the 1840s and early 1850s until he lost his life at the age of 38 during the Crimean War after receiving no less than 13 wounds in battle.  

As a company, our headquarters are based in Colchester - and we found the story of William Waldegrave not only fascinating but inspiring.  Although he was very much of his era, the qualities he displayed were timeless and fitted perfectly with what we were seeking to create with Chewton Rose – something quintessentially British – albeit with a twist.