The Signs That You’ve Found Your Next Home

Whether it’s your first or tenth time on the property hunt, the market can always appear quite daunting. You’ll view plenty of properties that might not be exactly what you wanted, which may lead you to compromise on your list of musts to secure a property within your preferred area.

But remember that patience is a virtue. Eventually you’ll find that one home which meets every need and want. But how are you supposed to know when you’ve found it?

Imperfections can be ignored

Each property you come across will lack something (or things), many of which are deal breakers. But are you subconsciously turning these imperfections into opportunities? If so you might like the property more than you might think.

Going into a property search we know what we like and dislike, but if you’re turning down properties due to smaller imperfections, then you probably never truly liked them in the first place. Keep in mind that some things can be changed and others can’t – like the location – so think of what you need and what can be changed and go from there.

You’re convincing yourself to buy

You might have visited several properties that don’t excite you all that much, if at all, which means you won’t be motivated to pursue it. You might then visit a property that is an instant hit, motivating you to make a bid, which is a positive sign.

It’s become the benchmark

During your property search, you might have viewed many homes which have just faded into the back of your mind. It could be between 10-20 homes, all of which contributing to a jumble of figures and measurements in your brain, which makes remembering the smaller details harder to do.

Then you find a property that becomes the benchmark in your search, which you’ll start comparing future properties to. When this is happening on a regular basis, it means it might be time to consider making a bid.

You find it hard to leave

Have you ever went to view a property and wanted to leave immediately? It’s not that uncommon. It could be either that you’re viewing a property in an area that wasn’t first choice, or a property that doesn’t really fit your needs. 

But then you view a property that gives you the opposite feeling, the feeling of not wanting to leave, which is another positive sign. After viewing that perfect property, you’ll probably struggle to find one better, which means it might be time to push the button!

You see yourself living there

It’s never easy seeing yourself in a property that’s either rundown or empty. If you can’t see yourself in the property at all, it probably isn’t for you. But if you view a property where you’re constantly walking around, planning rooms and furniture layouts, and imagining colour schemes then you may have just found your next home.

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