Virtual Property Valuations & Viewings

Chewton Rose are looking to get you moved and will make the process as easy as possible for you, starting from the comfort of your own home. Our viewings can be virtual or in-person, it all depends on what works for you. Find out what viewings we offer below.

Our viewings

For our viewings we have three stages - virtual viewings, accompanied viewings and viewings in person. Here is a bit about each stage.

What is an accompanied viewing online?

Virtual viewings allow live and exclusive guided tours of your home, showing it off to prospective buyers or renters. While physical viewings aren’t possible, this is a great way to maintain interest in your property, meaning as soon as things are back up and running again, your deal is almost done. We'll invite you, the seller, and your buyer to a video call, hosted by your Chewton Rose estate agent. It's just like an accompanied viewing in person.

Virtual viewings allow potential buyers to view your home and ask questions, just as they would normally. Our estate agents are using technology to meet with customers and keep the housing market moving. Read our guide to see exactly how we’re planning to work through the current disruptions and get you moved.

Why use virtual viewings?

People looking to purchase property are still able to browse for what they want while waiting for physical viewings to be possible again. Put your property at the front of their minds by allowing them to see it online. That way, when we’re ready to organise physical viewings of your home, potential buyers already know the key things your property has to offer them.

What do you need to do to prepare for a virtual viewing?

Get your home ready as if you have a physical viewing taking place. We are happy to provide some practical tips in advance, and we have some very handy pieces for you to read to help you prepare. Viewings of your property will take you through some of the basics, including a video. Be sure to check our Biggest Property Viewing Turn-Offs too, to make sure you avoid the common pitfalls.

What is a virtual valuation?

Chewton Rose are putting you in control and making listings still possible, even if you cannot physically meet with an agent.

  • After booking your valuation and chatting to your agent we will send you details for our online portal, where you can upload some images and a video to help us with our valuation.
  • Then, on a video call with one of Chewton Rose's estate agents, we will give you a value and present our plan to get you moved. We can send all documents and valuation packs online which can then be uploaded to the online portal. 
  • If you are then happy for us to come to visit your home to ensure we can get some great photos and sort a Quick Sneek Peak for the highlights of your home and a detailed floorplan for listing.

If you would rather keep things virtual at this point, with the pictures you uploaded to our online portal, we’ll promote it to viewers who are interested in your type of property. Think of it as your very own ‘through the keyhole’ where you can show off the best parts of your home in pictures and video.

Chewton Rose has plenty of resources for you to help with getting the best photos and video content – and we are still available to talk to you over the phone or on a video call. 

Contact Chewton Rose for all the support you need

Chewton Rose are here to help you with this new way of marketing your property. We have the technology to adapt to the new circumstances. You can still call us by contacting your local branch by phone, or organise a video call with an agent to start discussing your needs. Request a virtual valuation here.