Retention & Reward

Our Remuneration Philosophy

Aligning individual and Company performance is fundamental to Spicerhaarts success and future growth. The total value of the remuneration package is designed to maximise employee engagement with the overall company strategy, individual KPI’s and long term sustainability.

The combination of salary, commission, bonus, pension and benefits is designed to attract the best talent and recognise the value of the role and individual performance.

We have a variety of roles within both Estate Agency and Lettings which are incentivised in different ways. Support roles will pay a base salary only, whilst target driven roles will have the ability to earn commission in addition to a base salary. The amount of commission you can earn is uncapped and therefore you really are in control of your personal earning potential.

Our structured package also recognises that our target driven roles may require a minimum 48hr working week to enable us to support the needs of our customers and this is reflected in the uncapped salary potential.

Base Salary

Basic salary is the amount that you are paid for the role that you are employed to carry out and will also be relative to the number of hours you are contracted to work. Basic annual salary is paid equally in twelve monthly payments and paid on the last working Friday of each month.


Target driven roles within Estate Agency and Lettings will afford you the ability to earn uncapped commission across a range of services in line with the commission scheme relative to your role. However, when you initially commence employment we will take into account that you are new in to role and it may take a couple of months for commission to generate. With this is mind, we will guarantee to pay a Performance Related Bonus (PRB), subject to achieving minimum targets. The level of PRB will be dependent on the role that you are employed in and will generally be paid for the first three months of employment. However, if in the first three months, you generate commission in excess of the agreed PRB, then we will pay whichever payment, PRB or commission, is the greater.

Managers will have the opportunity to earn both personal and branch commission in line with the commission scheme relative to the role.

Commission payments tend to be paid one month in arrears and as and when monies are banked, as with base salary, payments are paid on the last working Friday of each month.

The company reserves the right to amend commission arrangements as and when required, by providing employees with at least one months’ notice.

Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Bonus

Managers who are responsible for a team of target driven employees within Estate Agency or Lettings, may also have the opportunity to enhance their earning potential with additional bonus payments.

The company reserves the right to amend bonus arrangements as and when required, by providing employees with at least one months’ notice.

Typical Earning Potential

Detailed below are examples of typical salaries for the various commission/bonus related roles:

Trainee/Negotiator 1:

Negotiator/Negotiator 2:

Senior Negotiator:

Assistant Branch Manager:

Branch Manager:

Company Car

If you are required to drive to enable you to fulfil the full requirements of your role, either on appointment or within six months, you will be provided with a company vehicle relative to your role. The vehicle will be provided for both business and personal use in line with our Company Car Policy.

As you are permitted to use the company vehicle for personal use this is classed as a taxable benefit in line with HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC).

Recognition Awards

Recognising and celebrating outstanding performance and behaviour is second nature to Spicerhaart. Whether it be localised award evenings or far away trips in exotic locations, as a top performing employee you will have the opportunity to share in these experiences. (Link to video)

Alternatively as a top performer, you may well be driving away a premier or elite car for each month you attain top performer status. (Link to video)

Holiday Entitlement

Minimum annual holiday entitlement is 20 days exclusive of Bank/Customary Holidays.
Holiday entitlement increases to:

22 days in the holiday year that proceeds five completed years of service
25 days in the holiday year that precedes ten completed years of service

In addition to the above the last working day prior to Christmas day (25 Dec) is allocated as a non-working day.

Sick Pay

Subject to compliance with our Absence Policy, the Company will make payments to you equivalent to your normal basic salary for up to the first 4 weeks of illness in a rolling twelve month period. This payment will include any Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) to which you are entitled, supplemented by Company sick pay.

At the sole discretion of the Company, dependent on the circumstances of your illness it may be possible to extend Company sick pay (inclusive of any SSP) for up to twelve weeks. In these situations you may be asked to provide further medical evidence or to attend an appointment with a medical professional.

Membership of professional institutes

Spicerhaart is keen to ensure that its employees maintain the highest level of professional standards and as such will reimburse the cost of one annual membership to an appropriate professional body.

ARLA Technical Award

Understanding the business is very keen to your success. We firmly believe that our staff should be suitably qualified for their role and will fund you to sit the industry recognised technical award.

Other Benefits

Spicerhaart endeavours to offer workable Government tax efficient benefits. Examples of these benefits currently in place include:

  1. Childcare Vouchers
    Employees with short and longer term childcare requirements can participate in the childcare voucher scheme, enabling you to benefit from both National Insurance savings and Tax relief. The Government allows you to make tax efficient contributions into the company childcare voucher scheme which can be used to pay registered child minders, afterschool clubs, holiday clubs, nanny services and day nurseries.
  2. Cycle to work scheme
    Employees who use their bike to commute to work can benefit from a Government initiative enabling you to acquire a new bicycle up to the value of £1,000 from your pre-tax salary and spread the cost over a twelve month period, resulting in tax savings relevant to your individual tax code.

Statutory Obligations

Spicerhaart meets all statutory obligations in respect of National Minimum Wage, Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay, Statutory Sick Pay and pension contributions in line with The Pensions Act 2008 established new duties for employers.

Employee Discounted Fees

If, through Spicerhaart, you sell your home, obtain a mortgage, require legal services or wish to let or rent a property you may be able to take advantage of employee discounted fees.

Family Friendly Work Place Policies

Spicerhaart recognises the competitive advantage of having family-friendly practices that ultimately link into a higher than average performance therefore, we openly work with a suite of policies to support this aim.


Existing content: Our sales people enjoy an unlimited earning potential and ‘Star Cars’ for our top performers. We are also keen on creating amazing opportunities and long lasting memories for all our dedicated people, such as trips to Abu Dhabi to celebrate our achievements and conferences in New York. Next year we are planning to take our top performers to Bangkok, could you secure seat on the plane?? (link to videos).

Depending on the role we also offer a variety of benefits which vary from discounted services to help you purchase your first or next home, bonus schemes, salary sacrifice schemes and flexible working.

Salary - how much do we pay?

At haart, we believe that your success is reflected in your salary and the unique experiences you will encounter with us. We want to reward you, but it’s down to you to make the most of our commission schemes and realise your unlimited earning potential.

We have a variety of jobs, which are incentivised in different ways. Some of our support jobs pay a base salary only, whilst some jobs give you the ability to earn commission on top of your base salary and others come with a base salary and bonus.

How much could you potentially earn as an Estate Agent or a Lettings Agent?

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