A Guide to Parquet Flooring

Parquet came into style during 17th century France, when homeowners began getting bored of their standard marble floor designs. They sought out something different and thus, parquet was born.

When creating its design, craftsmen would select a piece of hardwood and cut it into geometric shapes, before arranging them into creative, offbeat patterns on the floor. It would then be sanded, polished and glued down into a specific design of various shapes and colours.

Early on, this type of flooring was only reserved as a luxury for the rich, due to its high price and time to complete. Despite this, parquet/hardwood remained a popular choice until the 1930’s, when carpet became the preferred option.

Carpet served as a softer, warmer and more colourful choice, resulting in increasing sales and eventually overtaking hardwood floors. And by the 1980’s, wooden flooring finally came back into fashion.

Various styles

Thanks to advances in wood flooring production, versions today are more subtle and affordable than those of the past. These days the preferred style is the herringbone design. This requires rectangular shaped blocks to be placed together in either a diagonal or parallel arrangement.

The laying

Laying parquet flooring isn’t an easy task; it’s something which requires the right preparation and method. To achieve the best design, each piece needs to be laid perfectly on the floor, which might require enlisting a professional. For a simpler job, structured floors with parquet designs can be purchased outright, which are easier to lie than separate pieces.

Will parquet flooring work as a room floor?

Parquet flooring is a great way to add a unique touch to any room. But it’s important to keep in mind that it can still suffer damage, especially if it will be subject to a lot of foot traffic; it might be worth laying down a thick rug or carpet over these areas for more protection. It can also suffer damage when exposed to moisture, as well as scratches from pets.

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