Summer energy saving

As we head towards summer, it is important to get our homes ready for the warmer weather and there are plenty of things we can do to save energy and do our bit for our carbon footprints. These tricks will help you keep your home cool as well as save some money.

1. Use the summer breeze

Warm, summer weather means clothes will dry quicker outside, so next time you go to stick a load in the tumble dryer try putting them on a washing line instead! If you find they are too damp to hang on the line, put them on a spin cycle first and then air outside.

2. Lighting sensors

When choosing an outside light, opt for one with a sensor so that it only stays on whilst getting in or out of the house.

3. Think solar

We love garden lights – who doesn’t! To keep the cost down and save on energy, try some solar-powered lighting such as these pretty lights from Tesco.

4. Shut it out

Keep your home cool by partially closing blinds or curtains during the hottest parts of the day, or in rooms that particularly trap the sun. Then at night time, partially open them to let in the cool air.

5. Opt for LEDs

We use lighting much less in the summer months, but it is worth changing the light bulbs to energy-efficient LED bulbs. These have been found to shave 80% off lighting costs for a household.

6. Change up your cooking

Ovens tend to heat the whole room up, which is perfect in the winter but a nightmare in the summer! Try cooking outside on a BBQ, even if it’s just a couple of times per week. This will save on energy, cut costs and prevent your kitchen from becoming a furnace.  

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