Preparing the property details

Here at Chewton Rose we offer a very different approach to the marketing of individual and unique homes and one of the key elements is the editorial introduction to your property.

In many ways it is an article just like the features you see in glossy monthly property magazines such as 25 Beautiful Homes, House Beautiful, Ideal Home, Grand Designs, Country Life and the multitude of other publications bought and read in their millions each year.

This style of advertising is clearly well known to the consumer and it is an exceptional tool for selling extraordinary homes.

The editorial approach sets out to create an article on your home that is not only unique and interesting to read, but is also extremely effective in encouraging prospective buyers to view your property.

They are written up following a telephone interview and, as well as having that distinct glossy magazine style, highlight the individual and exceptional features of your home that make it particularly saleable.

The idea of this feature is that you tell prospective buyers what you have enjoyed about your property. You know your home better than anyone else and by giving the journalist some background and your thoughts on the phone these experienced writers can create an article in the Chewton Rose style.

We do understand that sellers sometimes find our approach unusual but we ask you to understand that these editorial features are aimed at the buyer rather than the seller.

And our feedback tells us that buyers, who at this end of the market often travel greater distances to find a suitable home, enjoy having a brochure that gives them a real taste of what it might be like to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of the homes they are interested in.


Here are some examples of the kinds of questions you might be asked by our team. We do understand that not all questions will be relevant to all homes and that there may be some questions you prefer not to answer, these are just examples:

  • Are you happy to have your name included? If not, don’t worry, we can always say “the owner” when we quote you…
  • How long have you lived at your home?
  • Why were you drawn to it in the first place?
  • Which characteristics particularly appealed to you when you first went to view it?
  • Why did you decide to buy it? What made the property stand out from the others that you viewed?
  • How old is your home? What do you know about its history? Are there any interesting stories attached to its history, construction or purchase?
  • Have you carried out any work on your home or made any significant changes?
  • Are there any interior design details you would like to tell us about? Any particular styles, colour schemes or even home interior products? Let us know any names of well-known brands, designers or products eg Farrow & Ball paint, Osborne & Little wallpaper etc you would like us to mention
  • Which rooms do you enjoy spending time in - and how do you use those spaces? Why are these rooms particularly appealing?
  • Do you have any special memories of particular occasions at your home that you would like to tell us about - family parties, celebrations or weddings, for example?
  • What do you personally think makes your home truly special? Particular views? Features in certain rooms?
  • What can you tell us about your garden? What have you enjoyed most about it?
  • Have you enjoyed living in this area? If so, why?
  • Are there any interesting places to visit, beauty spots or activities you have enjoyed close by?
  • How will you think back on your time at your home after you have moved on and what will you miss most?