Our environmental efforts

At Chewton Rose we do whatever we can to reduce the impact that our operations have on the environment and are committed to ensuring that we exceed the requirements of current environmental legislation and regulations.

As a service business, our adverse impact on the environment is relatively low; nevertheless, we continue to actively measure our outputs and work to implement new initiatives wherever possible to reduce this.

Energy efficiency

Our branches have been upgraded with new fascias, all lit by low energy, LED lighting. Any newly-opened or refurbished offices are fully fitted with low energy LED bulbs and timers to reduce energy consumption. In addition, our head office is fitted with sensors to ensure that our lights turn off automatically when not in use.

Minimising CO2 emissions

We are in full support of green initiatives such as the car-pooling and cycle to work schemes; we even provide branded bicycles for some of our branches. Our car-fleet department is currently piloting telematic technology to monitor, track and enhance the way our colleagues drive in order to reduce CO2 emissions and improve safety.


We are actively working to introduce paperless office environments and are upgrading our internal operating and printing systems to support this. At our head office, all paper is sent for recycling and general waste checked for recyclable items. Our self-maintained print works also recycles all paper materials along with all oils and inks used on the presses; we are also looking into FSC certification for our paper.

During branch refurbishments, wherever possible we source local charities or businesses that may benefit from the donation of the office fixtures or fittings that we replace.

Green choices

In 2014, 70% of the stationery and house-keeping products we supply to our offices were green products and we expect this to increase as we make further changes toward a more environmentally-friendly approach.